Oct 102019

Organization: DMI Associates
Country: Ghana
Closing date: 09 Oct 2019

We are urgently looking for Ghana nationals with a sound knowledge of microfinance, per se, and in the classical thematics of development: agricuture, local development, water and sanitation,…

How to apply:

If you are interest, please send your cv (EU format) at the address, or

cliquez ici pour les détails et appliquer


Questions Typiques
“Where do you want to be five years from now?” “What employers are really asking is, ‘Is this job even close to your presumed career path? Are you just applying to this job because you need something? Are your long-term career plans similar to what we see for this role? How realistic are your expectations for your career? Have you even thought about your career long-term? Are you going to quit after a year or two?’”
Questions à poser
Who previously held this position? This seemingly straightforward question will tell you whether that person was promoted or fired or if he/she quit or retired. That, in turn, will provide a clue to whether: there’s a chance for advancement, employees are unhappy, the place is in turmoil or the employer has workers around your age.