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Organization: Youth Advocates Ghana
Country: Ghana
Closing date: 30 Apr 2019

Internship Position (Unpaid)


Position: Resource Mobilisation and Partnerships Officer

Country of Assignment: Ghana

Host Institute: Youth Advocates Ghana-YAG

Nationality: Applicable to all nationalities

Duration: 6 months Minimum

Expected Starting: Immediate

Duty Station: Nsawam, Ghana

Salary: Unpaid

Time: Full-time


Assignment Title/Position: Resource Mobilization and Partnerships Officer

Organization Context

Youth Advocates Ghana (YAG) is nationally recognized youth-led non-political, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) located in Nsawam in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Formed in 2011, it is registered with Registrar General’s Department (Registration No. CG 000722012) and with the Department of Social Welfare (Registration No. D.S.W/5450). YAG was formed out of the need to meet the challenges confronting children with respect to sexual abuse and its related consequences. It did so through awareness creation sessions and training programmes and counselling for affected children, their parents and communities.

For the past 8 years, YAG has scaled up its programmes and activities to cover domains like education (scholarship for children), and health (sexual and reproductive health). It has also expanded the target scope from the children to the youth, noting the challenges that especially confront the adolescent and young girls.

YAG has gained experience and credibility in these areas of programme implementation and have extended this to the international arena, currently accredited to International Youth Federation and serve as the Secretariat for the 2030 Youth Alliance and the host of the African Youth SDGs Summit, a continental platform promoting the active participation of the youth in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Agenda 2063 of the African Union. The next and 3rd African Youth SDGs Summit is due in June 2020.

Rationale and Assignment Context

Youth Advocates Ghana-YAG launched its strategic plan for the period 2019-2024 anchored on four strategic goals:

G1. Enable the youth/young people to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health and ensure that their human rights are respected, protected and fulfilled

G2. Empower young people to participate and hold duty-bearers accountable to ensure equitable and sustainable services for children and youth

G3. Provide educational and skill (enterprise-based) support for the development of vulnerable children and youth

G4. Strengthen the organization’s capacity to effectively and efficiently plan and implement programmes and projects.

YAG during this strategic period will develop a three year-rolling plan with accompanying budget and resource mobilization plan. YAG, like many other NGOs/CSOs depends on development partners to finance its core activities. The over dependence on donor support could have negative impact in the event of reduction in donor support. Consequently, a significant amount of resources including time would be devoted developing fundraising strategy for implementation. As part of this process, YAG is looking for someone with expertise and experiences to work alongside our staff and volunteers to identify sources of funding in-country and external to develop capacity for proposal writing towards accessing these funds and explore other private and income generation activities for self-reliance.

YAG is aware of the enormous challenges that affect adolescents and youth, especially young girls in poor and traditional households and communities. YAG is aware that working alone on these challenges will not be easy and she cannot make any significant dent on the challenges with even if it has all the resources available. However, working together with organizations, both national and international, who share in values and approaches, could make significant impact on these challenges, drawing on their areas of strength to complement each other’s efforts. To this end YAG will form strategic partnerships and work in strategic alliances to undertake fundraising through proposal development, organize joint education and advocacy programmes among others to address challenges adolescents/youth faces in this country.


Language Skills: English (Mandatory), Level – Working Knowledge

Area of Expertise: Resource mobilization, proposal development, business plan development, partnership and grant management.

Basic Requirements:

● A minimum of an undergraduate degree is required. A degree in education, international relations, business administration, political science, or a related field is preferred. Enrollment in a graduate school programme or advanced degree is a plus.

● Strong presentation, writing and negotiation skills, including the ability to elaborate partnership projects and grant proposals.

● Must possess an ability to handle multiple tasks and deadlines, and work well with others in a fast-paced environment. Should be able to organize and prioritize own work with limited supervision.

● Sense of initiative, discretion, mature judgment, and entrepreneurial spirit is required.

● Capacity to effectively interact with a multiplicity of stakeholders including senior leaders.

● Innovation and strategic thinking are highly valued. Strategic consulting background or experience in an innovative environment are a plus.

● Interest and appreciation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


The successful candidate will join a dynamic and fast developing organization. Therefore, aspects of the job specification may adapt over time. While not exhaustive, the following list of responsibilities gives an overview of the key aspects of the role:

● Understand YAG´s partnership needs and opportunities based on the strategic plan. Together with the organizations team, lead the development and implementation of the annual partnership strategy including:

● Assisting the YAG’s team with ongoing partnership initiatives and resource mobilization strategy.

● Undertake grant /funds scanning including identifying promising partnerships and funding opportunities and compiling a database of private sector entities and philanthropies/foundations with focus on youth and Africa.

● Generating leads and opening conversations with key contacts

● Representing the organization in meetings and events

● Jointly develop the proposals and presentations to enable partnership opportunities

● Following-up on conversations and processes

● Identifying best practices and incorporating new ideas for partnership building

● Develop a training and capacity building for the organization staff and volunteers on partnerships, proposal writing and other organizational competencies.

● Adding value to the organization´s public relations efforts

● Develop a generic advocacy document aimed at showcasing impact and results in support of YAG.

How to apply:


● The position is voluntary. YAG cannot pay salaries or other allowances as part of this assignment.

● The applicant is responsible for his/her travel to and from Ghana.YAG can however send an invitation letter and other supporting documents to secure visa and residence permit.

● YAG will provide accommodation for the duration of the internship.

● YAG is not responsible for living expenses, necessary visas and related costs.YAG will provide information on estimated cost of living, renting a room should the intern opt for own accommodation.

● Certificate of service and recommendation letter will be issued to the applicant at the end of the service.

● The intern through our works will be exposed to local and regional networks around his/her interest to broaden understanding and experience.

● YAG staff and volunteers are always available and happy to support the intern around local realities for easy integration into our field of work and community safely.

To apply, please send motivation letter and CV to

For further information on our work, visit the following website: ; and

Application deadline: 30th April 2019

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