Mar 082019

Organization: Fairtrade Africa
Country: Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana
Closing date: 20 Mar 2019


Communication Strategy

  • Work with the Head of Region and regional team, and the External Communication and PR Officer in Secretariat to develop, implement and evaluate all regional external communications strategies to promote advocacy issues with key stakeholders, including government, NFO bodies, service providers, and media.
  • Support in the development of an annual communication plan within the specific region.

Support in the implementation of FTA’s communication policy engagement and communications.

Media Management

  • Develop press materials including press statements and releases, and information kits/fact sheets.

  • Implement a robust regional media management strategy that includes establishing and sustaining links and contact with relevant journalists within the region to increase awareness of FTA work amount journalists.

  • Identify news worthy information within the region to share with the media

  • In liaison with the External Communication and PR officer, organize and manage quarterly media briefing engagements to convey information to journalists on ongoing or new FTA projects within the region.

  • Respond to media inquiries and arrange interviews

  • Provide technical support and guidance to Producer Organizations to proactively plan for media visits and respond to negative media reports

  • Maintain records of regional media coverage and collate analytics and metrics.

  • Support the External Communication and PR Officer in managing crisis communication as it arises within the region.


  • Analyze M&E reports and generate impact stories for publication on newsletters, website and social media.
  • Lead in the production of regional publications; newsletter, annual reports, project profiles, product brochures. Etc. in liaison with the External Communication and PR officer and support same at the continental level.

Event Management

  • Lead in the regional planning of events, media and communication related workshops and press conferences.
  • Oversee regional production of merchandising and branding materials.
  • Undertake an evaluation of each event, maintaining accurate data, including reviewing and reporting against the objectives of the various events.

Multi-media Engagement

  • Support in the development and production of regional content for the FTA website, social media and print publications.
  • Support in the roll out of effective internal communications mechanisms to ensure that news and events are known internally and publicized externally as appropriate.

Capacity Building

  • Support in the strengthening of staff capacity by implementing on boarding and learning initiatives.

· Facilitate media training workshops for regional staff and liaise with External Communication and PR Officer to do same for Senior Leadership and Management teams


  • Create and manage a producer mailing database in liaison with Regional MEL Officer
  • Support the External Communication and PR Officer in identification, development and sharing of impact stories with producers, donors and NFOs.
  • Support the interpretation of reports and make recommendation to M&E.


  • Ensure full compliance with procurement requirements, including timely issuance of purchase orders and correct invoice processing on all media and communication related procurements
  • Liaise with the finance team continuously to ensure spend accuracy and management of the communication budget.
  • always Ensure full compliance in the ways of working with all agencies or suppliers, including the timely and accurate execution of relevant contracts.


• Communications and Public Relations Officer

• A Bachelor’s degree or in Mass communications

• At least 4 years work experience in communications, writing and content creations, preferably in an NGO setting

• Excellent writing, editing and verbal communications skills

• Negotiation and networking skills

• Technical skills in publications production and design

• Experience in using social media channels and extending their reach

How to apply:

Details of the Job can be found on the jobs and volunteering page of our website

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