Jun 262018

Organization: Yes We Help
Country: Ghana
Closing date: 30 Jun 2018


We are looking for a highly motivated Project Manager to ensure proper implementation and completion of Education Projects in Winneba (Ghana).

Starting Date: Immediately (expected around first July)

Key activities in your role will include:

Program Management and Leadership

  • Scope, develop and lead project plans and articulate the program’s strategy and objectives.

  • Define and oversee a list of dependent projects needed to reach the program’s overall goals.

  • Coordinate and drive execution, oversee collaboration across projects and liaise with partners on status, risks and necessary modifications to the implementation plan.

  • Lead the engagement and coordination with relevant national and local stakeholders to deliver the program objectives.

  • analyse,understand and forsee the needs of end users and embed the findings in the programs and the activities of multiple teams.

  • Representational duties with key government and other stakeholders.

  • Lead organizing and delivering workshops and conferences as outlined in the program.

  • Lead collection of data for required donor and other internal and external reporting.

  • Lead and coordinate with the MEAL team on collecting data for required technical assessments, according to the needs of the program (and/or identify data sources for future use).

  • Managing deliverables within the allocated program budget.

  • Facilitate the resolution of issues within your organization and across teams.

  • Guide and manage field operations as to, the prevailing security, cultural and social situation.

  • Maintain project profiles for the specified sector.

  • Develop the operational and management policies

Manage and Develop the Project Team

  • Select, recruit and train teams.

  • Ensure implementation of the Security and Health Protocols.

  • Train the all project(s) staff providing them with a full induction on all relevant components of the projects.

  • Manage conflict resolution and motivation exercises with the project(s) team in a proactive manner.

  • Supervise performance review of the project’s team.

Supervise Comprehensive Records and Reports in a Timely Manner

  • Review weekly, monthly and quarterly internal and external reports.

  • Track the progress of activities and outcomes as well as ensuring the tracking of relevant indicators.

  • Work in coordination with the Volunteer Manager, Project Managers and the Team leaders for a smooth functioning of the Volunteers program.


  • Shared accommodation

  • Common meals

  • Annual salary 14.000 + 3.000€ (bonus) + local salary.

*Thoroughly read the condition before you apply, terms and conditions are not negotiable.

How to apply:

To apply for this offer: *Thoroughly read the condition before you apply, terms and conditions are not negociable.

  • Send email ->
  • Attaching your CV.
  • Attaching your Presentation letter.

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