Oct 122017

Organization: UN Children’s Fund
Country: Ghana
Closing date: 25 Oct 2017


U-Report is an open source tool for community participation, designed to address issues that the population cares about. It is specifically designed to enable young people aged 10-35 to share their views directly with community leaders and government. Through a dedicated Short code, their feedback is generated when they react (by sending and responding) to polls, solicited and unsolicited messages. With U-Report’s customized database and software; received feedback is filtered and channeled to the respective policy makers for required action and communication.

U-Report has been established in over 32 countries including Uganda and Nigeria, leading the pack with over 2 million U-Reporters. U-Reporters have been empowered to engage in civic administration to generate social accountability in government sectors in most countries.

Since 2013, over 3 million U-Reporters have been engaged globally to speak-out on what is happening in their communities. This has connected MPs to constituents, detected outbreak of diseases like Ebola, supported farmers to increase crop production and improved the way community leaders, policy makers and the youth work together for positive change.

U-Report is complemented with traditional and social media communication channels for promotion and advocacy. Most U-Report community stories and articles are regularly broadcast and published for public discourse in most U-Report countries.

On this note, UNICEF Ghana country office is preparing for the launch of U-Report Ghana. U-Report Ghana will be used as a programming tool to promote interpersonal dialogue among adolescents on various topics that relate to health, nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, and education issues. It will also provide relevant information to young Ghanaians for positive behavior change on some negative socio-cultural practices and norms. U-Report will provide relevant information to various stakeholders including Government of Ghana to be held more accountable to population that they are serving. For U-Reporters, UNICEF will ensure the development, deployment, and ‘reporting-back’ on regular (weekly or bi-weekly) U-report polls. For the Government and CSO partners UNICEF will establish U-Partners dashboard to maintain prompt responses to U-Report issues, as well as producing an interview video/posting on the response from relevant government authorities. This will ultimately enable the realization of the rights of children for them to thrive and develop well in Ghana.

UNICEF Ghana has been scaling up its intervention in adolescent population through like Agoo, Menstrual Hygiene Management, Child Marriage, and Enhanced School Health program. Based on the previous engagement, U-Report presents higher opportunity to mobilize over 700,000 Agoo beneficiaries and other youth groups.

U-Report presents social inclusion strategies for everyone; especially young Ghanaians: to raise concerns or opinions, and hold government accountable in taking necessary actions on raised opinions. U-Report feedback generated will provide evidence and inputs for policy formulation and stimulate public dialogue on media and civic engagements.


Under the supervision of C4D Specialist, U-Report coordinator will work with all programme sections including T4D and External Communications to develop, activate, and lead implementation of a national U-Report program strategy. In particular, the U-Report coordinator will manage different components of U-Report such as U-Reporter recruitment, partnership, promotion, and content development in close coordination with U-Report Steering Committee and UNICEF program colleagues.


  • Strategy development
  • Adapt the U-report platform and model to the local context, articulating a clear approach, timeline, work plan and budget for the programme in a strategy document to guide programme implementation, advocacy and growth of registered U-Reporters.

    Establishment of National U-Report Steering Committee[1]

  • Manage and coordinate the National U-report Steering Committee to guide the programme to scale, liaising with youth, community groups, Government and NGO partners to ensure appropriate representation of all groups on the Committee.

  • Management of U-Report platform
  • Work across UNICEF to develop content and messages for diffusion via U-report, including interactive polls designed to inform and engage communities in programme areas.
  • Pre-test content and finalize messages with selected adolescent (early U-Reporters)
  • Update and maintain the U-report Ghana public site and relevant U-report Ghana social media channels.

  • U-Reporter recruitment drive
  • Work with initial CSO partners to maintain U-Reporter and develop U-Reporter recruitment plan through its network
  • Work closely with all programme sections to identify and develop strategic relations, with existing partners such as youth, community groups, Government and NGO partners, to drive the growth and uptake of U-Report to a national level.

  • Partnership development
  • Work closely with various CSOs and media houses in Ghana to drive the growth and uptake of U-Report to a national level.
  • Work with all programme sections to identify and develop strategic relations with existing partners to promote U-Report to young population.

  • Media campaign / presence for U-Report Ghana
  • Lead media campaign, media presence and participation of U-report Ghana in close coordination with External Communications team.

  • Establishment of feedback loop
  • Develop feedback loop strategy for connecting U-Report voices to Government
  • Ensure the development, deployment, and ‘reporting-back’ on regular (weekly or bi-weekly) U-report polls.
  • Manage U-Partners dashboard to maintain prompt responses to U-Report issues
  • Maintain public dialogue and discourse on U-Report issues

    Feedback to U-Reporters (downstream feedback loop)

  • Weekly or bi-weekly ‘reporting-back’ on regular U-report polls.
  • What U-Reporter say: Production and media placement of monthly update video
  • U-Report Ambassador’s bite/interview
  • Social media: share poll result and feedback video on social media (facebook, twitter)

    Feedback to Government and CSOs (upstream feedback loop)

  • Establish a regular coordination meeting with district level government stakeholders to address issues raised by U-Reporters
  • Generate and share monthly update summary data sheet with government stakeholders
  • What Government say: collect government interview/feedback on U-Reporters’ voices
  • Host annual U-Reporter summit inviting government officials and U-Reporters to exchange ideas and views
  • Push monthly SMS/voice recording of poll result to key government officials
  • Develop/install U-Report dashboard app on key government officials including district level
  • Media placement of monthly update video (TV, radio, newspaper)
  • Develop capacity building tools for government and CSO partners

  • Data analysis and dissemination
  • Compile data and information on subject matters relevant to the work of the section to facilitate preparation of reports, working papers, and presentations.
  • Prepare and maintain records pertaining to programme planning and development for a respective section.
  • Gather and share information as needed in support of improving the processes and daily operations across all sections.

  • Capacity building
  • Develop guidelines + materials for training and deliver ToR to U-report implementing partners and key UNICEF staff
  • Support capacity development activities related to performance monitoring, programme development, and related internal UNICEF systems/tools by drafting necessary correspondence, compiling data reports and maintaining relevant records.


  • No.





    Develop U-Report Ghana implementation strategy by adapting the U-report platform and model to the local context.

    U-Report Ghana Implementation Strategy with clear approach, timeline, work plan and budget.

    Month 1


    Bi-monthly progress report

    Month 2


    Develop content for weekly interactive poll for diffusion via U-report

    · Content for weekly poll (with timeline) calendar for year 1 (52 weeks long)

    · Pre-testing reports of the content

    · Final content document

    Month 3


    Set up and manage national U-report steering committee

    · ToR for national U-report steering committee

    · Monthly meeting minutes

    Month 3


    Work with CSO partners to maintain early users of U-report and explore further partnership for scale-up

    · A two pager of U-reporter recruitment drive plan

    · A monitoring table for tracking key indicators in U-Report (# of U-reporter, partners, etc)

    Month 4


    Develop detailed U-Report feedback loop for two model districts

    · A feedback loop strategy for two model districts

    · At least two field visit reports from the districts

    Month 4


    Bi-monthly progress report

    Month 4


    Prepare for U-report national launch

    · Completion of launch event

    · Cover story of the event

    Month 5


    Conduct U-report training session for government and CSO partners

    · At least two U-report training materials for partners (one powerpoint and one word file)

    · U-report step-by-step operation guideline for UNICEF Ghana

    · At least four training reports

    Month 5


    Document key milestones of U-report

    Three documents on U-Report: 1) Introduction to U-report Ghana (PPT), 2) Human interest story about U-reporters (story), 3) U-report Ghana launch and scale up plan (write-up)

    Month 6


    Final report

    Month 6


    Duration of the consultancy is six months from November 2017 to May 2018.


  • 30% of payment upon completion of deliverable 1
  • 40% payment upon completion of deliverables for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7
  • 30% payment upon completion of deliverables for 8, 9, 10, and 11

    The consultant will report to C4D specialist and work closely with Technology for Development officer and external communications team.


  • Advanced University degree in a relevant field such as Communications, Marketing, Computer Science, Information Science, or related field is required
  • At least seven years of progressively responsible professional work experience in programme coordination, mobile-based development project, and social behaviour change communication is required.
  • Prior hands on experience in U-Report/Rapid SMS/Rapid Pro technologies in deploying, maintaining and rolling out of the platform is strongly required.
  • Experience with a high-level communications campaign across multiple mediums (including social networks and messaging platforms), with national brand recognition is highly desirable.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills with experience in consensus building and in motivating cross-functional teams to meet ambitious project goals and timelines is highly desirable
  • Experience in creating or managing content for young people is highly desirable.

  • The assigned duty station for this assignment is UNICEF, Accra, Ghana,
  • Consultant will be paid professional fees based on scheduled periodic deliverables.
  • International and all official field travels will be arranged by UNICEF including payment of Daily Subsistence Allowance (as applicable)
  • UNICEF will provide office space (desk) and IT network connection required for the task.
  • The consultant will use his/her laptop during the assignment. Indicate if office will provide work space


  • Interested candidates should apply on-line to the link provided, indicating their monthly professional fees in US$ for the services to be provided and attaching their latest CV and updated P11 Form. The professional fee should be expressed as a daily rate. Do not include your daily allowance and travel costs in the fee. Daily Allowance will be separately provided according to UNICEF Ghana’s rules and regulations.

    [1] Steering committee members are composed of UNICEF, CSO partners, youth group, media, and government agencies.

    The committee will advise various aspects of U-Report including poll topic selection, content development, and feedback loop set up

    How to apply:

    UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organization. To apply, click on the following link

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