Sep 302017

A leading Oil & Gas company is looking for qualified candidates for the following position based in Accra: Senior Wellsite Geologist

Job Purpose

• To Coordinate geological activities and well data acquisition at the well site (logging, drilling, coring etc) and provide necessary site reports to superior

Main Responsibilities

• To monitor drilling and geological parameters at well site o detect the onset of pressure gradient changes
• To ensure that drilling mud is mixed as per specification (appropriate weight, viscosity and salinity are maintained) and to report abnormalities to superior
• Sending geological reports to superior giving details of the lithology, correlations, shows and gas analysis
• Supervise the running of electric logs and help to make preliminary field interpretation when required
• Coordinate subsurface / wellsite operations, supervise the running of electric logs and helps to make preliminary field interpretation when required
• Supervise side wall and bottom hole coring operations as well as in open or cased hole tests at the well site and ensuring proper preservation of the cores
• Assess the logging equipment so as to ensure that it is in good working order and to report observed supervise mud logging and wire line logging operations to provide guidelines at the well site during drilling operations
• Monitor drilling operations from the time the surface casing is run and cemented til total depth and to alert supervisor whenever any abnormality is observed in the operation (e.g drilling break, gas cut mud, etc) effects to superior

Qualification Required & Experience

• University Degree in Geoscience or Engineering degree or any related field
• Must have survival courses (BOSIET), APT sea survival, fire fighting and helicopter under-water escape certificates
• Minimum of 5 years experience in wellsite geology
• Required knowledge in Basin Geology, well control in drilling operations & wirelinee formation testing
• Confidentiality
• Strong personality, strategic thinking, organisational sensitivity, Oral Communication, written communication, planning & organising and interpersonal sensitivity
• Comply with requirements safety, health and environmental laws of the country and to practise company’s safety system
• high level og professional and personal integrity
• Very good ability to work independently when required

Location: Accra

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