Sep 282017

Job Summary:

• The bilingual receptionist will be responsible for managing WIUC-Ghana’s reception and providing administrative services in both french and english


1. Reception Management

• Handle internal and external calls
• Receive and signpost visitors & maintain security and other
• Coordinate correspondence

2. Administrative services:

• Guide prospective students through the application process
• Monitor and respond to official email enquiries
• Provide support to administrative staff in translating French to English

Other Responsibilities

• Provide outreach support to Marketing team as necessary
• Provide event support
• Carry out any other reasonable duties assigned

Qualification Required & Experience

• Diploma or higher in language studies/Business Administration/Communications

Required Competencies

• Proficiency in oral and written French and English
• Excellent customer service
• Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Ability to innovate, take initiative, deliver under pressure and multi-task
• Excellent teamwork and planning skills
• Ability to work well in a multicultural environment

Location: Accra

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