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General Accountability /Primary Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of the operations infrastructure of Geochem facilities.
  • Through continuous improvement, optimise the utilisation of the laboratory capacity to ensure throughput and quality according to client’s requirements and compliance with our integrity programs.
  • Planning and developing of operational requirements for the areas of responsibility and to ensure the smooth running of these facilities.
  • Ensure that the overall production and quality objectives for the Geochem facility under his control are achieved.

Reporting To:

Senior Laboratory Manager

Specific Responsibilities/ Accountabilities:

  • Collectively manage and utilise the laboratory resources (human resources, equipment, IT, software & hardware and training) to ensure a sound operational infrastructure in the Geochem facility.
  • Through sound applications, ensure the required quality standards in Minerals- Geochem is achieved
  • Manage customer complaints and claims through a systematic approach and with clear resolve within the required timelines
  • Liaising with the clients regarding queries, concerns, and all relevant technical matters.
  • Overall accountable for the provision and planning of resources as well as the technical requirements for all major projects in the division.
  • Responsible for the continuous improvement in the laboratory to ensure that client and industry demands are met.
  • Accountable with Health & safety procedures and protocols and ensure that these are adopted, implemented in the department and communicated effectively to all laboratory employees.
  • Ensure continuous improvement in terms of market requirements through applicable method development and modification of existing services on demand and to continuously looking at broadening the company’s scope of accreditation.
  • Responsible for effective cost control to ensure maximum benefit for the customer, without compromising the quality of the services and products.
  • Operate to the highest standards of ethics, in accordance with the SGS Statement of Integrity.
  • Lead, coach and develop the operating team in the laboratory
  • Adhere to all quality and safety requirements of the SGS management system.
  • Perform any other reasonable tasks as assigned by direct line manager.
  • Responsible for all SANAS matters relating to the accreditation and compliance
  • with the SGS quality management system
  • Accountable for meeting Business budget revenues and profitability forecasts
  • Responsible for building and maintaining a single, cohesive and motivated team, focused on client service & satisfaction with a high level of collaboration between technical groups
  • Responsible for long & short term strategic operational development of the Geochem facility
  • Contribute ideas and support to Minerals structures within the region
  • Responsible for setting annual budget targets for revenue and profit for the Geochem department, in collaboration with Senior Lab Manager.
  • Must have local technical product knowledge
  • Develop budgets for specific local projects and new services
  • Responsible for appropriate service level as per agreement with clients.


  • A minimum of a first degree in Chemistry or Laboratory Management
  • Knowledge and experience of relevant software applications – spreadsheets, word processing and database management
  • Business qualification
  • Proven time management skills


· Minimum of 5 years experience in a commercial laboratory environment


· Able to translate operational strategy into pragmatic action plans and execute

· Able to interact with clients at all levels

· Mastery in operational activities and principles with related technical knowledge

· Is analytical and creative

· Able to apply statistical concepts and mathematical oriented work/thinking

· Able to work autonomously with regular communication to management.

· Good communication and interpersonal skills, at all levels

· Works well under pressure

· Fluent English and local language an asset

· Applies judgment and acts according to the SGS standards of ethics and integrity

· Sound financial acumen

· Management skills

· Client liaison and good communication skill

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