Sep 162017

Organization: Palladium International
Country: Ghana
Closing date: 18 Sep 2017

This is a technical role and the ideal candidate for the role will be a senior technical expert, with expertise in both grants and portfolio management, analysis of quantitative data and reporting systems, financial and commercial analysis for agribusinesses and technical support to agribusinesses.

Key responsibilities:

Technical assistance and reporting

  • Analysis of operational, financial, commercial and technical capacities and issues encountered by grantees

  • Identify gaps in grantees technical, operational and organisational capacities and provide recommendations to grantees on how to reinforce them

  • Identify market constraints faced by grantees (access to supply, markets, services, etc.), provide recommendations to address them and facilitate grantees linkages with relevant market actors and business service providers

  • Provide understanding of cash-flow problems and access to finance issues and identify avenues for cooperation and synergies between grantees, banks, financial institutions and investors to reinforce financial capacities of grantees

  • Provide understanding of threats to agricultural production (regional insecurity, food shortages, environmental and climate change issues, pests, etc.) and recommendations to grantees on how to mitigate them

  • Technical assistance and capacity building to CF grantees

  • With the Team Leader and grantees, identify key areas of technical support required over the course of the grant and resources required to deliver technical support

  • Ensure the technical liaison between grantees, Short-Term Technical Assistance pool and relevant local service providers to ensure the adequate delivery of TA in view of grantees’ business and technical needs

  • Results verification and reporting

  • Ensure the effective monitoring and documentation of all grantee intervention outputs and outcomes, by working with grantees and MRM officer

  • Assist the MRM officer in liaising with grantees to verify their understanding of WAFM logframe indicators, data collection and reporting procedures

  • Complete required reporting to DFID on technical and financial progress of the CF, including summaries of CF progress in quarterly and annual reports

  • Knowledge and communication

  • Develop and disseminate knowledge and communication products around Challenge Fund and grantees’ activities, business models and results – including on the WAFM website

  • Promote learning and sharing of information amongst the WAFM team. Facilitate sessions to extract and distil lessons learned through CF grantees’ activities.

  • Coordinate the collation and dissemination of all grantees progress reports and lessons learnt and contribute to the incorporation of said into the overall programme strategy.

Portfolio Management

  • Grant disbursement and management

  • Liaise with the Grants and Finance Officer to ensure timely disbursements of grantee payments

  • Review of all contracting documentation to ensure they meet WAFM, Palladium and DFID requirements

  • Review of the Grant Agreements between Palladium and grantee and ensure relevant special conditions are sufficient to ensure all elements of the grant management are well covered

  • Grant monitoring

  • Take lead responsibility for monitoring and evaluating grantee progress (including two site visits per year per grantee)

  • Monitor projects and grants and advise Team Leader on measures necessary, to reduce and manage risk in the Portfolio

  • Jointly with the Grants and Finance Officer request progress reports (technical and financial) from grantees and avail the necessary templates for their completion

  • Check grantee reports and ensure that they are compliant with set policies and procedures. Ensure accurate and timely reporting and accounting for grants

  • Review of grantees’ performance against implementation plans

  • Review, analyse and assess grantee performance against KPI as per funding agreement

  • Review of draft letters to grantees highlighting key concerns on project performance

  • Follow up on feedback sent to the grantee to ensure issues raised have been addressed by the grantee

  • Management of overall relationship with grantees

  • Review of contract addendums prepared as required throughout the project duration

  • Communicate effectively with grantees at all times

  • Stimulate cooperation and synergies between grantees, banks, financial institutions and investors

Skills and desired competencies

  • Strong competencies in analysis, data management, finance and administration, business processes, agribusiness and agribusiness financing, grant making processes and project delivery mechanisms.
  • Good business acumen and strong competencies in commercial and financial analysis in the agribusiness sector
  • Advanced skills in writing, presentation, ICT, word processing, excel spreadsheets, and verbal communication
  • Demonstrated ability to work with private sector players and provide technical assistance in the agricultural sector (financial institutions, exporters, buyers, traders, transporters, input suppliers or processors)Knowledge of agricultural finance and the financial sector and institutions in West Africa


  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, business administration, agricultural economics or related field
  • An established track record and interest in finance, accounting, cash flow projections and its analysis
  • Excellent abilities in the use of ICTs, data analysis and reporting
  • Demonstrated ability to take initiative and work independently with limited supervision
  • Excellent writing, communication and documentation skills
  • Proficient in both written and spoken French and English
  • A minimum of 3 years of relevant professional work experience in Portfolio Management, including pre and post award management, financial analysis, budgeting and grants management

How to apply:

Please follow this link to apply:

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