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Lincoln Community School is one of the leading American International Schools in Africa and currently serves a population of 760 students from over 66 different nationalities.

Job Description

Lincoln Community School seeks to appoint an Advancement Office Assistant to act as a  liaison officers between the Advancement office and the community-at-large.  He/she will work closely with the Director of Advancement, Admission officer, and Website Master in fulfilling the ambitious goals for LCS’s admission, development, marketing and community relations annual planning.  The role entails supporting and facilitating communication systems for connecting with the community; carries responsibilities connected with all aspects of print and social media communication for the school and its diverse community
Job Description
Duties specific to Communication:
  • Assist Website master in editing and collating  various forms of communication from the department .
  • Post weekly FaceBook post about campus and Alumni news.
  • Assist Advancement  office with all communication needs
  • Assist in the production of visual solutions to the communication needs of the school whch includes taking photographs.
  • Format and send out web-emails to specific groups as requested
  • Work with Advancement Director to ensure Parent Portal is kept up to date
Duties specific to Admission:
  • Provide assistance to admission office through database management
  • Coordinate orientation needs of incoming families
  • Assist with withdrawl needs of students and verification letters as requested
  • Assist the Admissions Officer with all Administrative work relating to admissions
Generic Duties :
  • Assist Director of Advancement on annual fundraising activities
  • Ensure donor database is kept accurate.
  • Support the needs of the development program as required
  • Oversee submission of Advancement invoices to the Business Office and maintain records of the Department

Required Skills or Experience

  • Degree in any field
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience working in communications or in  design and technology
  • Experience of working in a multicultural environment
  • Experience working with Microsoft Office, Google, and Photoshop
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Demonstrated Proficiency in written and oral skills
  • Demonstrated high level interpersonal skills; ability to work collaboratively; flexible, creative thinker
  • Experience of managing projects

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