Aug 232017

Job Title: Electrical Technician (Industrial)
Section/Department: Technical
Location: Accra (Head Office)/Client Sites
Classification: Technical
Duration: Full Time Employment
Reporting Line: TBD


• Undertake maintenance and installation on electrical generation and distribution systems including all field devices
• To deliver a high quality, consistent and competent electrical equipment inspection and testing in accordance with our company standards and procedures
• To ensure that all workscopes are completed in a safe manner ensuring no harm to personnel, equipment or the environment
• Complete all workscope in accordance with applicable workpack/job card instructions, associated procedures and drawings / sketches
• Identification of field equipment from work packs, engineering drawings; layouts/plot plans
• Installation, isolation, reinstatement and associated testing of electrical equipment in HAZARDOUS and NON-HAZARDOUS areas
• Provide support to other trades/disciplines where required, or form part of an integrated multi-discipline team
• Work within all Permit to Work (PTW) constraints in order to complete workscopes in a controlled and safe manner

Qualification Required & Experience

Fully trained and qualified Electrician:

• Diploma, HND, Degree
• Formal electrical qualifications: City & Guilds / Time-served / Formal apprenticeship / NVT I & II in Electrical / Or similar from recognized institution
• Certified to undertake Commercial electrical wiring and installations; or Industrial electrical wiring and installations
• Minimum 2 years’ experience installing and maintaining industrial electrical systems (GridCo / Mining / Process Chemical / offshore / Refinery experience preferred, but not essential)
• Ability to demonstrate sound understanding of risks associated with electrical equipment and hazardous areas
• Ability retain academic information and pass short to medium length courses for additional certifications

Desirable but Non-Essential Requirements

• Certified Electrical Wiring Professional (CEWP) – Industrial Electrical/Wiring Installations, in accordance with Electrical Wiring Regulations, 2011, L.I 2008 (Card, ID number and seal need to be included with application submission)

Salary : Negotiable and dependent on Experience

Location: Accra

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