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Olam International is a leading agri-business operating from seed to shelf in 65 countries, supplying food and industrial raw materials to over 13,800 customers worldwide. Globally, our team of 23,000 employees has built leadership positions in many businesses including cocoa, coffee, cashew, rice and packaged foods.

Olam Cocoa Processing Ghana Limited is a subsidiary of Olam International and Olam Ghana Limited.

  • Located upcountry in Kumasi (Kaase industrial area), Ghana
  • Operating since July 2009
  • State-of-the-art factory with the latest technologies in cocoa processing
  • Bean warehouse capacity of 16,000 sq meters
  • Team of 113 highly trained employees and 150 contractor staff

Our products:

  • Variety of cocoa liquors, the main ingredient in chocolate manufacturing
  • UNICAO® brand tradition of excellence
  • We are committed to high international standards

Job Description

  • Location: Kumasi
  • Employment type: Permanent (2 positions)

Main Duties

  • Perform adjustments and monitoring of machines.
  • Control the process for each machine.
  • Perform cleaning of the machines on regular basis as requested for proper functioning.
  • Regularly inspect the machines in order to alert on incidents or potential anomalies that may occur as a result of technical failure.
  • Implement and execute corrective measures that are adequate for machines to work properly.
  • Take part in maintenance operations including cleaning and “un-clogging” of pipes and other machines.
  • Taking samples from various defined points and performing analysis of those samples.
  • Apply and respect the rules related to Hygiene, Safety, Security and Environment.
  • Make suggestions to supervisors that could help in improving Safety, Health, Environment, Quality, Throughput, Optimizations, Efficiency etc.
  • Fill all the forms and documents required for activities in Production. Submit these documents to your supervisor and/or make them available for QA system
  • Report to your supervisors the results of your performance or non-performance

Required Skills or Experience



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