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Discovery Learning Alliance (DLA) is a US-based non-profit organisation using the power of media to improve student learning outcomes, teacher effectiveness and community engagement in schools in the developing world. See www.thepoweroftv.orgfor more information. In many countries, girls continue to face barriers to accessing a quality basic education. This is the focus of Discovery Girls. with DFID and Discovery Communications support, the project will reach hundreds of schools and communities across Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria over the next 2-3 years. DLA is inviting applications for the two senior-most positions of the project team, to be based in Tamale – the overall Project Manager and the Training & Outreach Manager. In the near future, we will be advertising for additional positions responsible for teacher training and community outreach.

Job Description

In many countries, children continue to face barriers to accessing and achieving a quality basic education.  For a second three-year phase, the Discovery Project will continue to address this challenge, reaching hundreds of primary and junior secondary schools and communities and increasing the quality of education and boys’ and girls’ enrolment, attendance, learning, retention and transition across Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria.

With strong support and guidance from the TOM, the Community Outreach and Club Coordinator will oversee all community engagement and boys and girls club activities geared towards mobilizing greater awareness, dialogue, and student- and community-driven collective action to address barriers to girls’ learning (with a focus on literacy and numeracy), retention and transition to secondary school and beyond. This will include setting a strong vision and clear roadmap for the community action and boys and girls club components of the project, working with the TOM and Project Director to engage on behalf of the team with key school community stakeholders in project areas. The position will require significant in-country travel to project sites and communities.

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Model the highest ethical standards and set a tone of compliance with organizational policies, including related to child protection, safety and security and management of funds
  2. Collaborate with relevant partners and stakeholders in developing and implementing a training and sustainability plan for project sites.
  3. With oversight from TOM, lead team in undertaking and delivering high-quality training to communities and club mentors at each project site.
  4. Ensure that girls clubs in project schools are encouraged to find ways of connecting with and including out-of-school girls
  5. In consultation with TOM and Project Director, define parameters and process for club-based micro-enterprises to access project support.
  6. Monitor the progress of community action planning and implementation and of boys and girls club activities, and facilitate evaluation and continuous learning, working with relevant colleagues.
  7. Supervise a team of Club and Community Action Mobilizers in the project location(s).
  8. Working with supervisors, ensure strong performance in line with agreed plans and budgets.
  9. Maintain strong two-way communications with supervisors and with project sites, ensuring the routine flow of information up from project sites such that all reporting requirements are met.
  10. Maintain communication with supervisor and headquarters office in the United States.
  11. Additional duties as required.

Required Skills or Experience

  1. Bachelor’s degree in social work, gender and development, education, international development.
  2. Minimum 8 years of experience coordinating girls’ education and/or gender and development initiatives.
  3. Demonstrated project and people management competencies.
  4. Demonstrated commitment to program effectiveness, impact and learning.
  5. Excellent communications, team-building and organizational skills.
  6. Excellent cross-cultural, relational and interpersonal skills, including patience, diplomacy, willingness to listen, and respect for partners and colleagues.
  7. Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, results-oriented environment.
  8. Must be flexible, willing to work irregular hours, and adaptable to changing circumstances.  Must also possess demonstrated problem solving and conflict management skills.
  9. National of Ghana.  Proficiency in English and at least two local languages in the northern region required.
  10. Females are encouraged to apply

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