Jul 222017

Organization: The International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies
Country: Ghana
Closing date: 04 Aug 2017

Technical assistance for the development of a monitoring framework

Title: 2 Technical Assistance for the development and roll out of a monitoring system for the programme

Duration of Assignment: 200 days for the first expert and 100 for the second one

Duty Station: Accra (Ghana) and home based

Indicative Starting Date: August 2017

Type of Contract: Technical Assistance


FIIAPP is a foundation of the State public sector whose activities, characterised by the absence of profit and the pursuit of the general interest, is framed in the field of international cooperation aimed at the institutional modernisation, for the reform of Public Administrations and the attainment of democratic governance.

According to its mission, the Foundation has been awarded the Delegation Agreement “Accountability, Rule of Law and Anti-corruption Programme – ARAP” funded by the European Union.

The overall objective of the programme is to promote good governance in Ghana by reducing corruption and improving accountability and compliance with the rule of law, particularly when it comes to accountability, anti-corruption and environmental governance.

The Accountability, Rule of Law, and Anti-Corruption Programme (ARAP) envisages monitoring and evaluation as a forward-looking activity given the likelihood of continued support to key public institutions for the period 2016 – 2021 to address institutional challenges in fighting corruption under the aegis of the National Anti-Corruption Action Plan (NACAP).


The Programme intends to engage two Monitoring and Evaluation Experts, to work with the Project Coordination Unit (PCU), to provide services with a view to ensure adequate reporting on progress towards the key development objectives and project outcomes, and to lay a solid foundation of data and information on which evidenced-informed programming and policy-making can take place and coordination between partners can be facilitated.

The consultants will be responsible for the design and roll out of the project’s results framework, advising the Team leader and the PCU on the programme’s results. It will implement the maiden M&E plan and design/operate the information management system of the Programme that adheres to the project management information needs and implementation requirements of ARAP and the stakeholders.

The consultancy aims at developing an M&E system for the programme. The Consultants will assist the programme management unit in reviewing M&E needs and establishing necessary practical procedures and measures in order to operationalize M&E (data collection and processing). The consultant is expected to design a practical M&E system with regard to the following key aspects:

  1. What needs to be measured?
  2. What is the most appropriate source of information that needs to be collected?
  3. How to collect the information and how often?
  4. How to store and analyze data?

The specific objective of the assignment is to lead the development and roll out of an M&E framework, supporting the Programme to determine performance and progress toward achieving outcomes (short and medium) outlined in the project document.

The consultants will take the overall charge of the Programme’s M&E system establishment and initial management with stakeholder participation and conduct the tasks identified below by applying sound technical practices and methods and collecting and making use of available and necessary data in carrying out the assignment. The team shall work in close consultation with the PMU. The specialists will discuss issues that would affect efficient information M&E management with the PMU and agree on the ways to solve them.

This TA will be provided through a series of short term missions to the country. It is expected that several missions during the following 4 years will be required, with a maximum of 200 working days for one of the experts and a maximum of 100 working days for the other expert.


According to the Contracting Manual of the FIIAPP, approved by its Board of Trustees, the contracting authority will be, meeting the budget, and according to the stipulation fifth c), the Director.


This current contract has a private character, the civil court order being competent to hear disputes arising in its implementation.

Still, the acts of preparation and award of the same will follow the procedures referred to in the internal contracting Instructions of the FIIAPP in application of article 3.3. b) of the Royal Decree 3/2011 of November 14th, by which the text Revised of the Law of Contracts from the Public Sector is approved, as a public sector entity, its legal nature and contracts held.

The present Terms of Reference has a contractual nature and contains the detailed conditions to which the performance of the contract shall be adjusted.

The ignorance of the present contract, the contract, its annexed documents or instructions or rules of any kind approved by the Administration that can be applied in the implementation of the agreement shall not relieve the contractor from the obligation of compliance.


The procedure and the award will be made according to the Procurement Manual of the FIIAPP.


They shall be eligible for the award of this contract either natural or legal persons, with Spanish or foreign nationality, who have the full capacity to act and who are not falling in the prohibitions to hire listed in paragraph 1 of article 60 of the TRLCSP[1]. For this purpose, shall take into consideration the rules contained in chapter II of title II of book I of the TRLCSP.


The budget line for the first expert (maximum 200 working days) is 160.000 euros (€ two hundred thousand with no taxes included).

The budget line for the second expert (maximum 100 working days) is 80.000 euros (€ two hundred thousand with no taxes included).


8.1 Among other, the consultant(s) would be required to perform the following tasks:

Ø Study the relevant project documents (including but not limited to the project document, provisional workplan, first annual workplan, budget), review and revise the logframe and results matrix, and revise the indicators if necessary.

Ø Develop, together with Project Coordination Unit and key programme experts, the programmes’ Results Framework monitoring tool, to monitor and evaluate progress in achieving the programme’s outputs and outcomes at key junctures during the programme period. The Result Framework will include a Baseline Survey for the project. This survey will collect information that will aid in project planning as well as provide a basis for monitoring and evaluating the impact of the project. The Baseline will be based on relevant indicators for each result of the Programme with the following traits: specific (what will be measured?), measurable (how we will collect the data?), time-bounded (annuals and for the end of the Programme), gender approach (disaggregated if relevant and specific when needed), good mix of qualitative and quantitative.

Ø Design a monitoring, evaluation and reporting system for the programme aligned to the overall action document agreed between the EU and the Government of Ghana, including roles and responsibilities for implementation;

Ø Undertake regular visits to the field to support implementation of M&E and to identify where adaptations might be needed; Guide the regular sharing of the outputs of M&E findings with programme staff, Implementing Agencies and major stakeholders; Undertake any other duties as may be reasonably assigned by the Project PMU.

8.2 The expected deliverables for the consultants include:

o Results Framework monitoring tool of the Programme based on the relevant indicators that includes a Baseline Survey and sources of verification (as much as possible, use existing data sources embedded in existing systems).

o A monitoring, evaluation and reporting system with simple means of registering information and simple ways and means to store such information and the pathways for dissemination of that information.

o A manual that includes the above and guides project coordination in processing and evaluating the information.

o Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual M&E reports as inputs into the Project Management Reports and in addition, will prepare other reports, as and when needed.


a. Requirements

o University graduate with a Diploma or Specialization degree in Governance, Political Science, Environmental Sciences, Anti-corruption or other relevant subject area.

o Al least 5 years of experience on monitoring and evaluation of governance projects.

o Good command of both oral and written English (Level C1 Common European framework of reference). Proven certificate of training courses.

b. Merits

Merits and expertise indicated in the table will be valuated with the CV’s information.

(Merit) – (Criteria) – (Maximum Score)

· Additional Degree or specialization in Governance, Political Science and/or anti-corruption or M&E – 5 points per Degree or Specialisation – 10

· More than 5 years of experience on monitoring and evaluation of governance projects – 3 point per year of experience – 24

· Experience in designing and implementing M&E in development programmes – 3 point per additional year – 24

· Demonstrated expertise/experience of anti-corruption, good governance and related issues within the Ghanaian context – 2 point per year of experience – 22

· Other prior experience in Ghana or West Africa – 1 point per month – 20


The contract shall be governed by:

Ø The clauses contained in this specification.

Ø The Manual of procurement of supplies and services of the FIIAPP.

Ø The Provisions of law 50/2002 of the Foundations and in the 1337-2005 RD of November 11st.

Ø Royal 3/2011 Legislative Decree of 14 November, which approves the TRLCSP.

The ignorance of the contract in any of its terms, of the documents annexed to it, or instructions, specifications or standards of any kind dictated by the FIIAPP which may have application in the execution of the agreement, shall not relieve the employer from the obligation of compliance.

Pursuant to Article 21.2 of Royal Legislative Decree 3/2011 of 14 November, approving the revised text of the Law on Public Sector Contracts, the civil courts shall have jurisdiction to resolve disputes arising between the parties regarding the effects, compliance and termination of private contracts. This court order shall also have jurisdiction to hear any disputes affecting the preparation and awarding of private contracts.


The contract will have a time of duration from its signature until the end of the project implementation.


The successful bidder will be liable before the FIIAPP for the performance of the natural or legal persons that are subcontracted, at all levels, including the quality of the service, delivery times and completion, obligations in relation to the treatment of data and information, as well as the fulfilment by the outsourced company of their social and fiscal obligations.

Those activities subject to this agreement that need to be subcontracted by the successful tenderer shall be executed under the terms provided for in the articles 227 and 228 3/2011 RD of the 14th November, which approves the TRLCSP.


The work carried out in any of sections will become the property of FIIAPP.

The successful tenderer may not use for themselves or provide to third parties any data of the contracted works, or publish, total or partially the contents without the written permission of the FIIAPP. In any case the successful tenderer will be responsible for damages arising from the breach of this obligation.


The causes for termination of the contract are contained in article 223 of the RD 3/2011 14 November which approves the TRLCSP:

a) Non-compliance by any of the parties of the obligations described in the contract.

b) The manifest lack of quality of the service provided or not adapt it to the conditions agreed in binding documents

c) The Declaration of insolvency in the terms that describes by the law 22/2003, of July 9th, bankruptcy.

d) Mutual agreement of the parties.

e) Breach of the limitations in the field of outsourcing.

f) Obstruction of the faculties of management and inspection of FIIAPP


The successful bidder is entitled to the payment of the agreed price, under the conditions laid down in the contract, corresponding to the work actually performed and formally received by the Foundation.


The contract will be awarded the 11st August 2017.

The document of formalization of the contract shall be granted within a period of one week from the award.


The official starting date will be the following day to the contract formalization.

How to apply:

We request an electronic CV to be emailed to the following address:

Please indicate “CV ARAP Monitoring” in the subject of the email.

Deadline for the receipt of CVs: 4th of August of 2017 at noon, GMT.

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