Jul 212017

Key Duties

  • Supply Tier 1 & 2 Help Desk support to all AusDrill businesses in Africa and Europe including the administration Help Desk management systems, LAN/WAN Link Monitoring and fault reporting to service providers
  • Perform basic IT Administrative functions on the AMS Network Facility including but not limited to :
    • Active Directory (AD) User and Management
    • Software installations and Upgrades on Desktop computers and laptops
    • Server Security updates and storage clean-up on Windows Update Server environment.
    • Deploy and support mobile phone implementations.
  • To assist IT Support Technicians with Hardware Support including but not limited to Network fault finding and resolution, Equipment implementation and Installations
  • Comply with company policies and procedures and all statutory requirements.


  • Very attractive and commensurate with experience.

Required Skills or Experience

  • BSc Information Technology and Certification in Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MSCA)
  • At least 3 years recent working experience as an IT Help Desk Support Technician or similar dependent upon relevant education/certification
  • Strong focus on safety with the ability to manage an efficient, safe and effective operation including the ability to demonstrate an understanding of statutory requirements
  • Ability to understand and generate a scope of works and a responsibility matrix so that all obligations are followed for results
  • Ability to handle multiple workloads with high standards and tight deadlines
  • Self-motivated with the ability to manage their own time to produce results
  • Ability to speak fluent English
  • Ability to speak French fluently will be highly regarded
  • Must be capable of spending long periods away from designated office locations as per business needs
  • Must have a valid Driving License and Travelling Passport

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