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WaterHealth International (WHG) is a leading global organization with a mission to provide sustainable access to clean, safe drinking water to communities in the rural, peri urban and urban areas.  WHG’s unique and creative combination of break-through technology and innovative business models enables the company to offer clean water to even the most remote, low-income rural communities at affordable rates. Through a multi-stage filtration process coupled with proprietary ultraviolet disinfection technology, contaminated water is converted into clean, potable water that exceeds the World Health Organization’s standards. The company runs operations in India, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, and Bangladesh.

Job Description

Business Associate (BA) is a part of the Consumer Business Unit (CoBU) and work on a contractual basis with WHG. Each Water health Centre (WHC) is operated by one or two Business Associates depending on the scale of the plant, i.e. the number of cans dispensed by each WHC. BA is responsible for the following:

  • Plant operations, daily maintenance and dispensing water to consumers. This includes day to day working of the plant and reporting of critical business data such as meter readings, dispensed volumes, technical failures etc.
  •  He is in charge of collection and safe storage of cash at the WHC before the weekly collection by Collection Executive.
  • He is also required to maintain specific reports on a daily basis and submit them to his or her immediate supervisor.
  • She/he will ensure adherence to the standard operating procedures and the quality standards in the WHC.
  • Operate Reverse Osmosis, Ultra and Pre-filtration Skids without supervision
  • Prepare chemicals at required concentration for water treatment.
  • Fill the different tanks with the quantity of water required, add prepared chemical solution in adequate tank and set the quantity of each chemical solution to be added to the water.
  • Set the frequency at which each chemical solution must be added using the dosing pump.
  • Put the treatment program (PLC) ON and monitor the functioning.
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to plant safety activities, practices and Hygiene.
  • He/She is responsible for Routine Maintenance and Sanitization of WHC.
  • All basic maintenance activities like leakages, breakdown of equipment, replacement of spare parts etc. (Except Major break downs where Technical expert is required to attend the breakdown ex: PLC related, Controller related and software related etc.)
  • He/She comply with the Quality and EHS standards of WaterHealth.

In terms of the reporting line, the BA’s immediate superior is Regional Engineer, he/she will also  work closely with the Relationship Executive (RE) of CART (Consumer Acquisition and Retention Team) for growing volumes and maintaining the desired collection efficiency . The BA logs in a complaint through the CRM/Seva system for exceptional complaints  which will be attended to by the competent executive of WaterHealth.

One of the most important aspect of this role is its proximity to the consumer. The BA operates at the ground level and is in direct contact with the consumers. Thus, it is important to select a candidate who would be able to serve as the face of the organization to the local community being served by WHG.


  1. Agbogbloshie
  2. Zeenu
  3. Dome
  4. Kwabenya
  5. Ablekuma
  6. Manhean
  7. Ashalley Botwe
  8. Afuaman
  9. Nsakina
  10. Attadeka
  11. Effiduase
  12. Asamang
  13. Kentinkrono
  14. Oduom
  15. Tepa
  16. Esereso
  17. Ejura
  18. Agona
  19. Mampong
  20. Domeabra
  21. Benim
  22. Nsuta
  23.  Wiamoase
  24. Ohwim
  25. Jacobu
  26. Kentinkyire
  27. Buduburam
  28. Nyanyano
  29. Asikuma
  30. Mankessim
  31. Abura Dunkwa
  32. Bawjwase
  33. Twifo Praso
  34. Pakro
  35. Adeiso
  36. Amanase
  37. Akropong
  38. Amanokrom
  39. Asukawkaw
  40. Dambai
  41. Ziope
  42. East Tanokrom
  43. Kojokrom
  44. Anaji
  45. Apowa
  46. Assakae
  47. Atebubu

Required Skills or Experience

Based on the job analysis and competency mapping for BA, this role requires the following:

  • Be technically qualified – educated/trained in National Vocational and Technical Institute (NVTI – I/II preferred), Mechanical/Electrical streams.
  • A resident of the community or a nearby community.
  • Minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Reasonable analytical and mathematical skills.
  • Good in English and the community’s local language. (See below)
  • Sound grooming with a pleasing personality.
  • Displaying WaterHealth values of Integrity, Tenacity, Courage, Agility and Creativity.
  • Atleast 70% score in aptitude test.
  • Successful in personal interview.

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