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To structure and produce compelling technical proposals and technical documentation that accurately address customer needs in collaboration with project managers, sales team, and all other stakeholders for the company’s range of services.


  • Prepares detailed proposals supported by scope of supply definition, responsibility matrix and project schedule for the company’s range of services.
  • Proactively scopes the technical solution required to address customer requirements, assesses customers’ needs, and recommends solutions that optimize value for both the customer and the firm.
  • Coordinates closely with internal sales, sales support, and service resources to align solution design with customers’ business requirements.
  • Interprets client’s technical specification and produce a compliant technical proposal; offering more suitable alternatives where appropriate.
  • Accurately interpret client’s technical requirements and ensure any technical or contractual risks to the company are identified and mitigated.
  • Writes high quality technical documents and reports for both internal and external audience.
  • Liaise with internal stakeholders to assist in collating accurate data for the preparation of proposals.
  • Maintains a technical focus in all proposals related activity and in consultation with stakeholders
  • Helps close sale deals, by providing any technical support, presentation, surveys or interviews, and stays on to ensure the delivery of the intended solution.

Required Skills or Experience

  • Degree Engineering or equivalent
  • Minimum 5 years engineering and Sales experience in a business-to-business and corporate organizations.


  • Familiarity with Technical review processes.
  • Knowledge of documentation/project management processes
  • Knowledge of tendering processes
  • Proven record of achievement and technical solution expertise
  • Ability to adhere to the Company’s Quality Management and Business Processes
  • Good communication skills (both written and oral)
  • Customer service oriented and willing to work for long hours
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office, Word and Excel, Software.
  • Experience in working with strict KPI and SLA
  • Experience in working with Quality Management System, e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 9001:2015


  • Ability to plan, coordinate and follow up on work activities
  • Ability to work closely with people at all levels


  • Ability to pay attention to details and execute assignment in strict timelines
  • High level of integrity, honesty, and reliability

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