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SynCommerce is looking for a Front End Developer who will work with the engineering team to build responsive and elegant web applications to deliver extraordinary user experience to our client base.


The role involves:

  • Creating elegant but easy to use web applications.
  • Developing and implement front end strategies to increase usability.
  • Transforming designer’s concepts (designs, wireframes, mockups) to life with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Ensuring cross browser and device compatibility (Responsive web) of the webapp. Support diverse clients from desktops computers to small mobile devices.
  • Constantly optimizing the SynCommerce platform to increase engagement, usability without compromise on simplicity, aesthetics and user dynamics.
  • Optimizing application for maximum speed and scalability.


  • Have a chance of working in one of the leading and high growing software startups in Ghana.
  • Gain a working experience in a globally focused company.
  • Get to join a loving and respectable team that is focused and determined to creating wealth and employment in Ghana and beyond.
  • Get to work in a challenging and very dynamic environment to develop your personal skills.
  • Free meals three (3) times a day.
  • A monthly salary.


    1. Willingness to learn and share knowledge.
    2. Candidate should be committed, hardworking and ready to adapt to different working conditions.
    3. Candidate should be comfortable with the English language both in writing and speaking.
    4. Candidate should be ready to work in a startup serving the western market which could involve working overnight.
    5. Candidate must have good inter-personal relations.
    6. Candidate should be able to multitask, work under pressure, and within deadlines.


    1. HTML, CSS and Javascript.
    2. Ability to use version control to manage code
    3. Frontend frameworks, preferably AngularJS 2.
    4. Strong knowledge in web development.
    5. Knowledge in web security best practices
    6. Knowledge of any mockup tool and photoshop is a plus
    7. Knowledge in backend development (PHP with Laravel specifically) is an added advantage.

Additional Information

Be ready to be epic.

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