May 072017

A multinational company seeking to expand and consolidate its services offered to both the public and private sectors has vacancy for a dynamic person to join its winning team in providing these high-end services to clients: Food Auditor

The Role

•   This role is responsible for developing and managing the Food Audit business for good clients
•   Working with client managers to ensure ongoing compliance and audits, achieving required standards and appropriate training of personnel

Summary of Main Responsibilities

The job occupant will report directly to the Business Manager – Agriculture, food, life sciences and will be responsible for the following:

•   Maintenance and coordination of client food safety programmes to ensure statutory compliance to the prescribed legal requirements.
•   Coordinating and assisting with technical training and overall competency of client management and employees with regard to the operational aspects of the food safety audits, pest control, environmental, operational methods, personnel practices and maintenance for food safety and hygiene/cleaning practices
•   To complete food supplier audits identifying corrective actions required and escalation of major concerns.
•   Liaise with local authority inspectors and enforcement officials as required.
•   Coordinate the ongoing development requirements of the clients food safety programme and compliance including carrying out internal audits
•   Ensure that all registers, records and documentation relating to the role are properly maintained.
•   Work closely with other safety roles within the company – assisting as required and develop a supportive relationship

Qualification Required & Experience

•   Minimum of Bachelor science (Food Discipline) or higher with at least three years working experience in a related job.
•   Administrative skill with good working knowledge of MS Office Suite.
•   Ability to work as part of a team and above all a favorable attitude towards working out of office.
•   Must have a valid driving license.

Location: Accra

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