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Job Title: Assurance Advisor – Local Content & ACDD
HR Organisation Ref: (TBD)
Department: Supply Chain Management
Business Unit/Team: Ghana / SCM
Location: Ghana (Accra)
Reports To: PPM Lead
Interacts With: Internal: External:
Supply Chain Manager – BU

Group Planning & Performance Manager

C&P Manager and team

Local Content Strategy Manager

Logistics & Materials Manager and team

Group C&P, L&M and National Content personnel

Local and group SAP teams

Finance team

Tullow Suppliers


Supervises: Direct: Indirect:
Job Purpose:


Responsibilities/Key Objectives

This is a new position, reporting directly to the PPM Lead. The purpose of the role is to assure the Local Content (LC) and Anti-Corruption Due Diligence (ACDD) integration into the Supply Chain C&P processes enabling Supply Chain Management (SCM) to realise the full benefits of Local Content initiatives as outlined by LI 2204. It is also to ensure full compliance in our contracting processes and ensure Tullow ACDD policies are fully complied with during the sourcing process. The role will as a minimum: –


Provide assurance that LC is fully embedded within the procurement processes and factored into the contracting strategies, ITT documents and Local Content Development Plans (LCDP).


Provide assurance that the Local Content Legislation LI2204 is being adhered to and followed in all Tullow Ghana C&P contracting processes.


Assist the PPM Lead to create the necessary governance tools and reporting formats e.g. dashboards which provides constant visibility and assurance for Local Content achievements to the SCM Management & BU-LT.


Review contract documentation for selected contracts e.g. High risk/high value contracts and provide assurance, that sufficiently enforceable LC commitments have been prescribed in such contracts.


Provide support to the LC Business Partner & PPM Lead through training, mentorship and coaching for CAs and assure that relevant and optimal LC commitments are achieved for all contracts especially High Risk/High Value Contracts.


Work collaboratively with the SPA’s & CA’s to ensure that LC contractor obligations are being adhered to within the contractual framework.


Perform random reviews of ITT packages and tender proposals to provide assurance that identified LC opportunities have been included within the contractual documents.


Carry out routine audit and assurance on LC elements in various stages of the ITT evaluation process and provide the necessary assurance of due diligence, transparency and fairness in the application Ghana’s LC legislation (LI. 2204)


Lead in the creation of awareness, communications and internal roadshows to ensure clear understanding of business activities relating to indigenous suppliers’ participation.


Assess and assure the ownership and shareholdings of local Suppliers to ensure Tullow Oil is contracting with bona fide companies (in accordance with BU Government definitions) with clear and transparent ownership through the LC ITT process.




Liaise with C&P in the planning, monitoring and implementation of Supplier Performance Management sessions and providing the assurance to the BU in the delivery of contractor’s LC commitments as per agreed T&Cs.


Assure record keeping requirements for Local Content within SCM are fully understood by conducting training & awareness sessions and periodically assure the process to ensure it conforms with LI2204 & Group LCM document retention requirements.


Own the ACDD process with SCM and ensure its full integration of the new procedures into our overall SCM contracting processes.


Own the ACDD templates and registers and ensure they are fully up to date and reviewed periodically for accuracy.


Provide support to the C&P community in conducting ACCD and assure the ACCD process for all High Risk/High Value contracts and any other contracts as may be requested by the PPM Lead, C&P Manager or SCM Manager.


Provide ACDD Training & Awareness sessions and assist PPM Lead to increase awareness, compliance and the tool utilised consistently with all stakeholders e.g. CA’s. Budget Holders & Contract Holders


Own and be responsible for ACDD record keeping and accurate document filing & retention within the SCM function.


Person Specification
Experience and Education: BSC degree in Business Administration, Engineering or Management related degree

Minimum 5 years evidenced experience.

Predominantly contracts and supplier relationship management/ supplier performance management experience ideally, but not exclusively, in the oil & gas sector.

Exposure to related disciplines and issues within the supply chain. Understanding of legal and commercial issues within supply chain

Establishing and maintaining effective relationships with management of key suppliers.


Skills: Strong understanding of the Local Content Legislation LI2204 & ACDD Requirements

Strong understanding of Tullow business processes

Strong analytical skills

Ability to work well with all levels of stakeholders

Project Management skills

Business case design for any change request where required

Coaching and team leadership

Ability to identify and solve process and system issues

Strong attention to detail

Very effective verbal and written communicator

Business Behaviours Commercially aware with sound business acumen

Establishes priorities and works independently with minimum direction

Collaborative with good communication and interpersonal skills

Seeks input from other functions and disciplines as required

Working to required timelines

Demonstrates a personal commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment

Consistent with ethical business practices and regulatory requirements and committed to actively participate in Compliance & Ethical workshops and training as regular updates as directed.

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